Air Phil Promo 2012

               Air Phil is definitely an excellent budget carrier that offers your easy to stylish airline travel needs. Its flights back and forth from Manila are mostly domestic. It's got two international routes since.

It was integrated in 1995. The Lucio Tan Group took over and manage the Company in 1999. It's now generally known as Air Philippines Express or Airphil Express for short.

It is a sister company of Philippine Airlines. It serves 26 domestic routes with low fare flights. It has 2 international routes as of yet… Singapore and Hong Kong.

Airphil Express stands out as the only local carrier that allows travellers to bring {up to|as much as} 15 kilograms of {baggage|luggage} for free as other domestic flight companies have stopped offering up this complimentary. Charges on check-in baggage are becoming a major source of profits for most airlines but Airphil Express believed that People from the philippines were unique passengers in the market because they consider having free of charge carry-on baggage as important as the cost of their airline ticket. A special service offered by Airphil Express that allows you to pre-reserve your seat for a minimum cost. Regular Seats are sold at PHP 100 per way. Premium Seats for example exit rows and the first two rows are sold at PHP 200 per way. You are able to pre-reserve your seats throughout your online ticket purchase or by requesting Seat Selector with the purchase of your tickets through Airphil Express Reservations or at any Airphil Express Ticket Office.